First Post: The Python Tightens His Grip

This? Oh, this happened because my Facebook posts were getting too long. Facebook couldn’t handle my realness.

This is not to say that I’m serving any extraordinary amount of realness in regards to my life with technology; in fact, my life with technology has hit a considerable snag in the past two weeks. I am taking an introductory computer science class via Coursera, and I’m finding it almost impossible to get my assignments in on time even though I’m using Python (allegedly the easiest programming language on earth.) It’s mostly the event handlers. Damn you, event handlers! 

It is disquieting to sit down after a lifetime of using computers and be unable to write a simple text-based game. I guess it’s a weakness of my generation: our parents saw how smooth our mouse-handling was in elementary school and decided that we were these savants who didn’t need to be taught anything about how computers actually work. It’s a pity, because computers are extraordinary machines. I recently discovered that the fastest computer in the world, the Cray Titan Supercomputer, is located just a few miles from my hometown. The Cray Titan was not built by 21-year-olds who were content to know how to use Google. I hope I will not have to be content knowing how to use Google. For someone like me, accepting that I don’t know how to handle a computer is much more difficult than accepting that I don’t know how to fix a car.

But if I practiced what I preached, I wouldn’t be on social media right now. I would be on Coursera, romancing the Python.


One thought on “First Post: The Python Tightens His Grip

  1. I know how to fix a car, but can’t get to first base with pythons. You write well, you see well, you’ll be fine. I love you, in some sort of way that should not scare you. You go girl, as they say, I’m a fan.

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