I support pigeons of color


This is a pigeon. A PIGEON, people!

Why is it that a white dove pigeon is a symbol of world peace, love, life transitions, and religious renewal, while a pigeon of any other color morph is a “flying rat”? I’d say it was a kind of pigeon racism, if I didn’t know that it’s just people being ignorant of taxonomy.

I like pigeons, no matter what their color or propensity to poop. I think they’re goofy and fun. I want to have a release of ALL different kinds of homing pigeons at my (hypothetical) wedding.  It would be totally contrarian and unique and awesome, and I could frame it as a tribute to the multicolored pigeons beloved of scientists from Charles Darwin to Nikola Tesla, as well as the heroic messenger pigeons of the First World War.

As for white doves pigeons being a religious symbol, I say that if the Lord God made them all, He clearly intended them to have the greenish-blue wild type color morph.



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