My Thoughts on Inmate 54321123… (or why Kaitlyn Hunt is a criminal, not a cause)

The attention this case is getting makes me angry – and scared. I already have to deal with being called a sexual predator, or being compared on a moral level to a sexual predator, all the time. Thanks for making the religious right that much more paranoid about gays coming for their children, internet jerks.

The K Word

photoI am not sure whether many had heard this story outside of Florida, but back in February, Kaitlyn Hunt, an 18-year-old high school student was expelled due to her relationship with a 14 year old classmate (who happened to be a girl). She was also charged with two counts of lewd and lascivious battery of a child 12 to 16 years of age as a result of the relationship.

Just so we are all straight, an 18 year old adult was in a relationship with a 14 year old child and is now in jail.


kaitlyn_huntNow months later people (a lot of people) are actually trying to condone her actions. Not only condone them but champion them, there are petitions signed asking her to be freed, hacker groups threatening e-anarchy, and even celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon.

As a lesbian, a feminist, and a future…

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3 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Inmate 54321123… (or why Kaitlyn Hunt is a criminal, not a cause)

  1. Without giving judgement one way or the other on the case, I’ve found a good thought experiment is to imagine this case happening with the gender of the 18 year old being male. So we’d have an 18 year old male and a 14 year old girl. Methinks that many of those signing release petitions would be howling accusations of perversion and pedophilia in that case, and the mantra of “she can’t legally consent” would be repeated over and over. If it’s a crime one way, it’s a crime the other. Personally, I think that the Romeo and Juliet laws should be making this case a no-issue, however.

    • I also support Romeo & Juliet laws + a better classification system for sex offenders. I was horrified to read that an eleven-year-old boy was was placed on the sex offender registry for life after inappropriately touching his eight-year-old sister. I mean, that sounds like a situation that needed to be addressed, but placing an eleven-year-old on the sex offender registry for life?!

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